Great!!!  So you like our work (that’s awesome) and want more information no problems. We put together the most frequent asked questions we have been asked in the last few years:

What do we take photos of? A particular expression, a gesture, a lost glance or a contagious smile, a certain colour, the way the light coming through a window project a shadow inside the dining area. You will miss quite a few of those moments at your wedding. Months into preparing, choosing the right setting, right colours, right flowers. Yet the day will go so fast. Imagine about 6-8 weeks later your usb is in the mailbox. After countless hours went into planning this is it!!! All is left: your wedding photographs. The only tangible proof of what your wedding day was really like.

What’s our style? We are documentary portrait photographers. What does that exactly means? Let’s put it this way we are part searchers, part hunters, part fishermen, part psychologist.  We search for the perfect moment where everything hung beautifully in balance. One word guides us: harmony. We hunt for joy, for contagious smiles (we already said that? sorry but weddings are a lot of fun really), for incontrollable laughters. We are patient, we linger a moment longer, we know what is there to capture: the essence of your wedding. One think that we love as much as documentary wedding photography is portrait photography. The traditional Bride and Groom portrait  after the ceremony can get some people a bit apprehensive, do not worry and do not be nervous we will do it together, we will make it fresh, relaxed and upbeat. Just be yourself, just pretend you are incredibly happy that all the people you love are there cheering for you and you just married the person you love the most in the whole world. Simple.

How does it work on the day?  One photographer will join you on the day, starting with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready in their morning preparation. (If a second photographer is present he will join the groom).  Up to 10 hours coverage, from the preparation to an hour after first dance.

After the wedding? After 4/6 weeks depending on the time of the year we will post your usb flash drive with your edited images. Your edit consist of about 400/500 images (black/white and colour) supplied on a usb flash drive.  All images supplied are high resolution with no watermarks, colour and contrast fine tuned to our style. An online private gallery will also be made available.

Any Extra? Second photographer, additional hours, pre-wedding, albums also available. Get in touch for more info.