Nyree & Steve | A London Wedding


Nyreee and Steve now live in sunny San Diego they left London soon after their wedding, that is likely why after the ceremony they organized a bus tour around London most picturesque sights. For their bride and groom traditional photographs we took a black cab and drove to the iconic westminster parliament.
Follows a small selection of their wedding photographs……..
Hi Michele,
I hope this finds you well.
Steve and I have been through the wedding photos and we are really happy with how they have turned out.  You did a great job so thanks so much.

London wedding photography London-Wedding-Photographer-002 London-Wedding-Photographer-003 London-Wedding-Photographer-005 White Ribbons Wedding Photographer London-Wedding-Photographer-007 London-Wedding-Photographer-008 London-Wedding-Photographer-009 London-Wedding-Photographer-010 White Ribbons London Wedding Photographer Wedding-Photographer-London-002 Wedding-Photographer-London-003 Wedding-Photographer-London-004 Wedding-Photographer-London-005 Wedding-Photographer-London-006 Wedding-Photographer-London-007 Wedding-Photographer-London-008 Wedding-Photographer-London-009 Wedding-Photographer-London-010 Wedding-Photography-London-001 Wedding-Photography-London-002 Wedding-Photography-London-003 White Ribbons Wedding Photography Wedding-Photography-London-005 Wedding-Photography-London-006 Westminster wedding photographer London Party photographer Wedding-Photography-London-009 Wedding-Photography-London-010 White-Ribbons-Photography-001 White-Ribbons-Photography-002 White-Ribbons-Photography-003 White-Ribbons-Photography-004 White-Ribbons-Photography-005

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