Anna and James | Church Our Lady Wedding

The day as it often does started with meeting Anna and her bridesmaids at the prestigious Lansdowneclub in Mayfair. Photographing the bride final preparation is always great fun, the excitement, emotions and laughs always make great photographic moments. After the prep we all drove to the Church of Our Lady in St John’s Wood, a really great setting for Anna and James Wedding. At the end of an emotional ceremony, with some beautiful singing, back at the Lansdowneclub drinks and canapes were waiting the bridal party and all the guests.
Below a selection from Church Our Lady Wedding

White-Ribbons-Photography-001 White-Ribbons-Photography-002 White-Ribbons-Photography-003 White-Ribbons-Photography-004 White-Ribbons-Photography-006 White-Ribbons-Photography-007 White-Ribbons-Photography-008 White-Ribbons-Photography-009 Church Our Lady Wedding White-Ribbons-Photography-011 White-Ribbons-Photography-013 White-Ribbons-Photography-014 White-Ribbons-Photography-015 White-Ribbons-Photography-016 White-Ribbons-Photography-017 Church Our Lady Wedding White-Ribbons-Photography-019 White-Ribbons-Photography-020 White-Ribbons-Photography-021 Church Our Lady Wedding White-Ribbons-Photography-023 Church Wedding White-Ribbons-Photography-025 Church Our Lady Wedding White-Ribbons-Photography-027 White-Ribbons-Photography-028 White-Ribbons-Photography-029 Church Our Lady Wedding White-Ribbons-Photography-031 White-Ribbons-Photography-032 White-Ribbons-Photography-033 White-Ribbons-Photography-034 White-Ribbons-Photography-035 White-Ribbons-Photography-036 White-Ribbons-Photography-037 White-Ribbons-Photography-038 White-Ribbons-Photography-039 White-Ribbons-Photography-040


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