Angeliki & Neerav | Danesfield House Marlow Wedding

Photographing a wedding is quite a responsibility, there is no room for errors or bad day at the office.

So pleasing a client is a must and receiving an email like the following from Angeliki after I have delivered her wedding photographs was so gratifying.

Just received the usb and wow! thank you so much Michele! Love the emotions you have captured!
Not to mention I loved the floral usb touch, all very thoughtful!I will let you know if when we will have the pics put in Brides magazine!Many thanks again!Regards,


Danesfield House is such a lovely venue for a wedding, here is a small selection of my favourites photographs from the day……


London Wedding Photographer bride preparation White-Ribbons-Wedding-Photography003 Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photography London Photographer Wedding London White-Ribbons-Wedding-Photography008 White-Ribbons-Wedding-Photography009 White-Ribbons-Wedding-Photography010 London-Wedding-Photography-001 Photographers Wedding London London-Wedding-Photography-003 London-Wedding-Photography-005 London-Wedding-Photography-006 London-Wedding-Photography-007 London-Wedding-Photography-008 London-Wedding-Photography-010 London-Wedding-Photography-011 London-Wedding-Photography-012 Wedding-Photographer-London-001 Wedding-Photographer-London-002 Wedding-Photographer-London-003 Wedding-Photographer-London-004 Wedding-Photographer-London-005 Wedding-Photographer-London-006 Wedding-Photographer-London-010 bride groom photographer Wedding-Photography-London-003 Wedding-Photography-London-004

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