What is
wedding photography?

Not your conventional wedding photographer

(on shooting weddings)

Finding a little cafe’ before I start, it’s becoming a ritual. Last summer, before Steph and Robert. I found a lovely one close by. I was there for about 30mins. Cappuccino and a toasted sandwich ham and cheese. Outside the window in the back  there was a typical english backyard garden. Sun seemed to break out than back in. Luminous, not bright. (I look a lot at the sky during a wedding day). I met Steph in a lovely cottage. For the following 10hrs I would have photographed one of Steph and Rob most memorable day. 

I hunt for moments. A particular expression, a gesture, a lost glance, a certain colour, the way the light coming through a window project a shadow inside the dining area. I wonder if Lindsay liked that photographs as much as I do. I don’t have a good memory…… sometime I wonder if that may influence the way I photograph. When I shoot I don’t think really think about anything (I love that about photography) I suppose it’s like you get into the zone. I move discreetly around. I see things. I like when people look into the camera I like that exchange. People are very generous in weddings.