London Wedding Photographer

Welcome to White Ribbons Photography. My name is Michele Morea and I am a London Wedding Photographer based in Bow, East London. I specialize in documentary wedding photography. Where candid and natural moments are preferred over posed or formal images.

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I am always close to the action but never intrusive. Capturing the unfolding of a wedding as it happens. I do not halt the flow of a wedding but I follow it. I connect with it so I can anticipate what will happen next. Being at the right place at the right time is an important skill. I look for the best angles where the bridal party and setting look at their best. But I also look for the least obvious ones. Those angles can make your wedding photographs look great. I am an award winning documentary wedding photographer. I am member of photographers documentary association WPJA and AG|WPJA.

A London Wedding Photographer that tells the story of a wedding through images. My pictures are like film stills from a movie. Every image tells a story and all the images tell the story of a wedding. Documentary photography and story telling go hand in hand. I am a wedding story teller.

Sometimes people ask if I favor black and white over color. Not an easy question to answer. I find black and white to be great for some reportage moments where color could be a distraction.  A Documentary Wedding Photographer must know when to use one or the other. My documentary approach is well complemented by a lifestyle aesthetic look. I find lifestyle aesthetic approach necessary to convey the warmth of an event like a wedding

As a UK London Wedding Photographer I cover weddings in Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex throughout Great Britain. I am happy to travel to cover destination weddings abroad. I have founded White Ribbons Photography in 2012. Visit my portfolio to see some of the best images I have shot in the last 4 years.  Sometime people ask if I ever get bored of shooting weddings. I answer that all weddings are the same but each wedding is different. You are bored when you stop putting commitment, care and love in what you do.